Our partner Keila Manangão received the title of Academic of the National Academy of Insurance and Social Security (ANSP)

Our partner Keila Manangão received the title of Academic of the National Academy of Insurance and Social Security (ANSP), on November 6th. The Academy brings together people who stand out in the intellectual production of the Brazilian insurance industry. Her sponsor was our also partner João Marcelo dos Santos, Academic and current President of ANSP.




A team of Santos Bevilaqua Advogados attended the AIDA XV World Congress that took place in Rio de Janeiro in October

A team of Santos Bevilaqua Advogados, leaded by the partner Keila Manangão and including Ana Paula Costa, President of the National Working Group of Consumer Relations of AIDA Brazil, attended the AIDA XV World Congress that took place in Rio de Janeiro on October 11, 12 and 13th, and discussed important insurance and reinsurance issues.

The Congress brought together international speakers and global working groups to debate topics such as environmental insurance, corporative governance and new technologies.

CongressoMundialAIDA-XV From left to right: Keila Manangão (partner), Priscilla Oshiro, Giorgio Grasso (partner of BTG Legal, our italian partner office), Ana Paula Costa, Marcos Antunes and Livia Lapoente

Latam Insurance and Reinsurance Hub in Brazil

Santos Bevilaqua is working together with SUSEP (the Brazilian Insurance Supervisor) and the Brazilian Reinsurance Companies Association, on the elaboration of new regulations to develop a Latam insurance and reinsurance hub in Brazil. The firm has discussed the new resolution on risk transfers from abroad to Brazilian local reinsurers, likely to be issued in September 2018. The firm is also discussing changes in the regulations to make feasible the securitization of risks through insurance linked securities in Brazilian capital markets.

Launch of the book “Taxation of the Insurance, Reinsurance and Pension Plans Market” by partner Julia Nogueira

Our tax partner Julia de Menezes Nogueira launched, in December 2016, the book "Taxation of the Insurance, Reinsurance and Pension Plans Market". In it, she makes a detailed analysis of the insurance and reinsurance contracts, considering their peculiarities and related taxes, in order to discuss the taxation of insurers and reinsurers, paying special attention to IRPJ, CSLL, Contribution to PIS and COFINS (i.e., taxes on profits and revenues). Regarding pension plans, firstly, she delimits the configurative aspects of the entities that are engaged in such activities and the taxes that concern them. Then, she clarifies the functioning of the supplementary pension plans, concluding on their taxation.


Click here and check out the book.

João Marcelo Santos at Reactions magazine

What are the Big Risks that will hit the re/insurance industry in 2017? That is the question Reactions posed to some of the global re/insurance industry’s senior and well placed figures. Our partner João Marcelo Santos had his testimony published, calling attention to the challenges faced by Brazilian regulation, to adapt to the growing risks of the global market.


Joao Marcelo Reactions


João Marcelo dos Santos foi considerado, pela terceira vez consecutiva, uma das 50 pessoas mais influentes do mercado de seguros, pela Latam Insurance Review

Nosso sócio João Marcelo dos Santos foi considerado pela Latam Insurance Review, a mais importante publicação dedicada aos seguros na América Latina, pelo terceiro ano consecutivo, uma das cinquenta pessoas mais influentes no mercado de seguros da região, conforme consta do ranking LatAm Insurance Review’s 2016 Power 50. Veja o texto que foi publicado junto à sua inclusão, baseado em entrevista feita pela publicação:

"In an exclusive interview on how Brazil has been adapting its local (re)insurance rules to new international standards of solvency, Santos told Latam IR that "SUSEP has been working for a long time to get our (re)insurance market supervision methods recognized internationally, as well as adapting more advanced and stricter criteria.”
The lawyer praised the Brazilian regulator efforts since “having the European Union recognizing that the Brazilian solvency regime follows the same standards as the European regulation is a very positive sign, as it recognizes the Brazilian regulatory system’s quality.”
Santos has almost 20 years of experience and currently advises clients on regulatory, contractual and M&A matters."

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